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Facing A New World

In our life, there's must be something new everyday, it can be new friend, new partner, new situation, new stuff, etc. These new thing can be a good ones or bad ones, depends on how we look at it.
 We can't avoid it. We have to face it.
If we  met someone new, what will you  think about him/her??
Will you consider him/her as a good person or bad, only in one glance?? Or you need time to observe him/her??
Well, it's depend on you.

 What do you think when you are going to be replaced in the new area that you don't know anything about it, you know nothing about the person in those area, you don't know the situation, you know absolutely nothing, but you have to go there. First reaction is afraid of course. But will you let those freakin' feeling overwhelmed you?? If you do, then you are a loser. How can you be afraid to something that you don't know?? How can you be afraid to something that doesn't exist yet?? No matter how is the condition that you'll meet, just give your best to those environmental. Once you give your best, you will get the best of them back too. You should be brave, you have brain so you can think, you have mouth so you can ask, you have hands, so you can help people around you, so what are you afraid of???
I know, talking is easier than facing the real thing, but like i said before, you will face a new thing everyday in your life, and you know what, you've already done with this thing. Remember your first time going to kindergarten, and then primary school, high school, college, get a new job. There's a lot of new thung that you have faced. Did you afraid for the first time?? The answer is yes. But did you still afraid? The answer is NO.  You enjoy your "new thing" so why do you still afraid if you have to face something new??

My sister is a doctor, and she has to finish her practice in the very rural area. She is afraid in the beginning, because the people in her new area can't speak in bahasa. They are too primitive. Can you imagine how does her feeling?? She came from civilization and she has to deal with this primitive things. But, did it stop her?? NO!! She still went to those place. She can conquer her afraid. And now, she feels happy to be there.
What about you?? Do you still afraid to face a new condition?? Or will you enjoy it and be happy with it?? It's up to you.


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