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I wanna to share my experience with all of you about my friends.
i admire him so much. two days ago he share his life with me. he told me about his father who already dead. his story really touched me. He said that his father is his biggest motivator in his life. He told me that his father worked so hard only to feed his family. my friend has a lot siblings and only his father works in his family. His father even barely to sleep or take a break. His father even said that He can endure not to sleep only to earn money for his family. His father only sleep for 3-4 hours a day. And His father can fulfilled their needs. And one day, His father collapse when worked at store (they have store), their neighbors help his father, and bring him home. unfortunately, his father got stroke. they brought him to hospital in the evening and in the next morning, his father just passed away. when this condition happened, my friend wasn't there. He was in another province in order to work. When his father died, he was called by his cousin and telling him that his father just passed away. He knew this news by phone. Can you imagine his feelings that time??

Your father died, and you weren't there for him in his very last time in this world, and you knew this news by someone else.
He's not crying at the time he got the news, but in middle of the road when going back to his father's place he cried. Fortunately, he still have time to pray for his father. And he also buried his father.

And he said to me that in this life, you have to make your parents happy. meanwhile you still have time and chance to do so, just try your best to make them happy. Try not to make them sad or angry or disappointed by your behaviour.
This story really touching me because, i am a kind of stubborn child who always make my parents sad or angry. I always fights against them. I'm a rebel. And when my friend told me the magic word, that i have to make my parents happy, it really really stick in me. I want to be better child for my parents, and i'm in process in doing so. It took a lot of effort, because i have ego.
But hearing his story, makes me realize that I'm nothing, I'm just a little daddy girl, and I have to be a better person.
And I want you to be a better person with me, respect your parents, make them happy.

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