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I've think about this yesterday, when I was on the bus, to went to church,,
it just came out in my mind,,
I think about my family, my life it used to be,,
I remember, when I was a little child, me and my sister, go to our primary school, walking, laughing, fighting, just like the other child,
never thought about our future yet, all we knew only playing, and other people must understand us, and we didn't care about the others.
and then tie passed by, we grow up, we entered junior high school, oya, my sister only on years older than me, we become stubborn, we're just like cat and dog, we always fighting, and also i have one younger brother, he is 4 years younger than me and we also fighting, yayyy, we always figthing,, can you imagine how my parents endure with our voice when we fight?? three of us have a louder voice, don't underestimate us, hehehhe..
if I remember those time, i feel sad, how can we make our parents disappointed and disturbed by our stupid behavior. we still childish, the three of us,, never think about others feelings, always think that we are right and the others wrongs, always think that we are superior than the other, and if we fight, we always force our parents to defend us,,, our parents must be very confusing that time and I'm sure that they got headache everyday because of us..
and again time goes by me and my sister entered high school and my brother entered junior high scholl.
and we become more, more and more stubborn, self centered, egocentrics, and a lot of fighting happened in our home.
we become rebel, we always disagree with our parents,, we always think that they are too old fashioned,,
time goes by, my brother entered high school, me and my sister entered the college, changes happened. there were a decrease in fighting, maybe because our activities, we don't have time to fight, but we still stubborn, i don't know where this habit came from,,
and then, the time is come, my brother was accepted in UGM in Jogja, so he has to go to Jogja and leave us,, and then I realize that I love him so much, I missed him, even tough when he was in our home, we always fight,, why do we always realize that we love someone when he/she isn't here with us??
10 months after my brother went to Jogja, my sister was accepted to work in West Papua, she leave us then, and the home is getting lonely. Only three of us in our home, me, my mother and my father, I don't have any friend anymore, even for fighting or only to chit chat.. It's so lonely.
and then after 2 months she leave us, i was accepted to work in Jakarta, and i went to Jakarta.
here i am, in jakarta.
and there are only my parents leave behind in our lovely home, i bet they felt so lonely.
All this memories make me sad, I've never think that we will separate, but i do love those past time, i never thought that we can make it this far, at least we don't need to burden our family,, we have job, a good one.. from a little stubborn child, never think about others, always make our parents sad, etc,,
oh my God I love my family so much, hopefully I can be a better person and make my parents happy.
just some advise for you, love your family, never disappointing them,, because you will feel loose them, when they're not around..
love your family!!!

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