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adapt (again)

well, long time no see,,
i think it's been two or more month i haven't write this blog.
mmm, you can say that i'm busy, but moreover, i am lazy to write,
two month ago i was in Palembang, but one month ago, i moved to pekanbaru,,
and, here i am, in pekanbaru, trying to write my blog again,
it's hard for me to write this blog,,
i still need time to adapt with new environment, so i don't have any hesitate to write my blog,

i know, that from my previous blog, i always been an optimist people, but, not now,,
i feel numb in here,, maybe because i didn't find the right friends,,

it's so awkward when the first time i arrived here in pekanbaru, well it's just the same feeling when the first time i-we- arrived in Palembang, but in Palembang i have friends that can keep up with me, we laugh a lot together, mourning together, sad together, we share everything together,, that's why i can endure the emptiness in Palembang,, but here in Pekanbaru i can't find people like my friend in Palembang,,
ohh, I miss them already,,

i hope i can meet them again, as soon as possible.

well back to the topic,,
i never imagine before, that working in banking sector require us to move around Indonesia a lot.
i never imagine that i can meet a lot of new people,
actually it's a good thing,
but, since i miss my friend (whom i was with them in Palembang), I still can't find the rhythm   in here, i just can get the feel in here,,
but i'm trying to enjoy my life here, cause, i have to spent my time here for the next 4 month,,
ohh, i don't know, it's hard, but i have to survive, i have to conquer my ego,,
i hope i can do it..

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