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Another Good Persons

Actually, i wanna write this topic for a long time ago,, but due to my laziness i haven't write my blog until now,,

right now, i wanna share my experience,,
i am in Pekanbaru right now and i rent for a room here,, it costs Rp.500.000/month. what i'm gonna tell you is about the owner of the room that i rent. they are husband and wife,,
i call them 'ibu kost' and 'bapak kost' even tough they had they own name,, ^_^

every week, ibu kost always cooked us some food, 
here are some food that she gave to us

not only make us some food, she also took our clothes every afternoon in order to keep our clothes dry,,
her husband also good to us,, he always help us to pick up our water gallon from the grocery to our room, the gallon is heavy and he is old enough to pick up the gallon, but he still help us. 
in the morning, our ibu kost always throw away our garbage, clean up the yard etc,,

all i wanna say is they are a good person, actually they don't have any duty to take care of us, but they treat us like their children,, its a lil' bit difficult to find kind of person like them who helped people with favor and not expecting anything from us, while almost all of the people in the world only think about money, people nowadays will help someone if they think it will give them advantage,

but not for them (ibu and bapak kost), they just help us because they want to help us and they considered us as their children.
not like any owner of the dormitory or apartment,, the owner only gave the customer the room and the facilities inside the room, they do not care about anything else, as long as you pay the rent in time they will not disturb you, but if you pay the rent late, they will come to you and ask you to pay it as soon as possible, and if you don't pay it they will ask you to get out from their house..
you usually do not have any interaction with your ibu kost and bapak kost, they only care about your rent, your money,,
but not like mine,,

this is my fourth time rent a room, twice in jakarta, once in palembang and once in here in pekanbaru.

when i was in jakarta, my first room that i rent didn't satisfy me, we didn't have interaction with the owner, i don't even know the owner, because the owner had ask someone to keep the house, so we just know the keeper,, i only stay there for one week and the i  move to mangga besar, inmangga besar i found the nice owner,, and i love to stay there, but my job make me to move,, i only stay there for 3 months and then i moved to palembang,,
in palembang, the condition is the same with my first room, we just met the owner when we want to pay the rent,, and then i moved again to Pekanbaru,, so here i am, in my room typing this blog,, telling you that the owner of my room are good persons

although i have different ethnics and religion with them, they still treat me and the other like their children.

i love them, and i don't have any plan to move from this room while i'm still in Pekanbaru,,

i hope i can be like them, helping people without expecting something from the people that i help.

i wonder that this world will be more beautiful if we act like ibu and bapak kost.

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