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I just finished read some books this past few weeks,,
actually it took a long time for me to finished those books recently,,
usually i can finish one book in one or two days, but now due my work i finish one book in a week or more even for a thin  book.
oke, enough for the story, now, we're back to the topic,,
i wanna share you some books that I've read,,
here we are:
1. Guru-Guru Keluhuran
This book tells about Indonesian soldier who was born in 1920 and still alive, they're not just a soldier who fight in a war physically, but they fought for education, welfare, etc. This book told us about the opinion of the soldiers, what they thought about the condition of Indonesia nowadays,, and their hope for Indonesia to be better than now,,
its a good book for me,, it gives you a knowledge about point of view of a soldiers who fought for Indonesia's freedom,, even though they're born in the era of war, no technology, no facilities like today,, but their dreams is much more bigger and higher than people nowadays,,
they dream high, they dream for wealthiness, this book give you a chance to see a world in a new point of view,,

2. Perjalanan Politik Gus Dur
Every one must know Gus Dur,, he is our fourth president,, not only in Indonesia, Gus Dur also famous around the world, he also received a lot of noble during his life.
Gus Dur already passed away in December, 30th 2009,,
he is a very plural person, and he loves his people very much,,
this book tells about his biographic, his carrier, his joke, his life, his point of view, his thought,,
i recommend this book,

3. Berbekal Seribu Akal Pemerintahan Dengan Logika
This book tells about Jusuf Kalla, and i bet you know him,
he is our vice president and he also a businessman,,
i admire him so much, i like the way he thinks and how he can solve a problem,,
he is a problem solver and a quick thinker, maybe its because he is a businessman, so he has to make a quick, and right decision..
this books actually has the same topic with the book above--Perjalanan Politik Gus Dur-- but with different key person,,
i recommend this book also,,

4. Chocolat
This is the last book,,
its a novel,,
i bought this books because i interested with the resume, but honestly, i don't really like the book after i read all, i just didn't understand this novel, maybe because I'm not good in analyze the novel, but i just didn't find it interesting,,
this novel tells about chocolate, a chocolate maker in which a daughter of a witch, a priest, their life, their neighborhood. the novel tells us how the chocolate maker can survive in her life, fought with all the neighborhood and the priest, and how can she win the battle and live happily,
if you are someone who like novel and its abstract, you can read this novel

that's all the books for today, i hope it will give you another choice to chose books to buy,,
have a wonderful reads,,
and keep reading, cause book is a window to the world,,

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  1. Lahurie Ibrahiem mengatakan...:

    i love chocolat ... its masterpiece
    its about .... When a single mother and her six-year-old daughter move to rural France and open a chocolate shop - with Sunday hours - across the street from the local church, they are met with some skepticism. But as soon as they coax the townspeople into enjoying their delicious products, they are warmly welcomed ... and what abstract ?

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