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this is my first time to do fasting.
it's a lil' bit difficult for me to do fasting, well i'm 24 years old and i never do fasting before.
i bet you will think that i'm weird, but let me explain first about my condition
i'm christian, and in my religion, we're not supposed to do fasting, i mean yeah, there are some words in Bible that persuade us to do fasting, but there's no rule that said that you have to do fasting.
so here i am, 24 years old and never do fasting, i do know that in our religion we have some fasting moment, but i never do fasting, even i never think about it.
and than, last week, my friend do one kind of fasting, i asked her, what kind of fasting did she do? and then she said she did Daniel's fasting. At that time I've nothing in my mind about that kind of fasting, so i asked her about that fasting and she explained to me, and she also asked me to read the Bible, Daniel 3.
and after went home, i read my Bible, and searching on internet about fasting in christian and then, i finally to do fasting.
and here i am, I've been doing fasting for 6 days, and I'm doing Daniel's fasting, it takes 21 days to do fasting and in this fasting you can only eat fruits and vegetables within 21 days.
to be honest, it's really really hard for me to do this fasting for some reason, the first is because this is my first time, so you know, there's a lot of temptation, the second is because I'm a rice lover and this have been 6 years I'm not eat any of rice, and i still have 15 days to go.
but because I've decided that I'm gonna do this fasting, so in this last one week, i can still do my fasting, even there are a lot of temptation, but fortunately, i still have my strength to do this fasting, and i hope i can finish my fasting successfully
oiaa, I'm not gonna try to explain about Daniel's fasting to all of you, because my knowledge about this fasting it's not good`enough, but I' gonna tell you this, in Christian, we do have fasting, even its not a must, but you can try to do some of our fasting, about the time of the fasting, you can read in the Bible or you can search on internet about our fasting moment. there are a lot of reason to do fasting, it depends on your needs. but i think the point of doing fasting is to live like Jesus, how can you take your time to realize how amazing and how blessed you are that God have create you just like Him.
i know its hard to do fasting, cause i feel it too, if i do this fasting with not enough faith in God, I'm sure that i can't fulfill this fasting from the first day, but because i do this fasting for God, thank God, i still do this fasting.
i hope you one day can do fasting in order to praise the Lord. In Christian, fasting not only about not eating, fasting also means not do something that you like i.e. you decided not to listen to the music for one week, or you decided that you will not get angry for one month etc, the most important of fasting is you do that to praise God. It doesn't matter about the way you do your fasting, but do that fasting to praise the God.

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