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Amazing Karo

Heyhoooo, long time no see
Today I’m gonna tell you the story about how lovely my village, known as Tanah Karo.
Actually Tanah Karo is a name of one Kabupaten in Sumatera Utara province. Tanah Karo itself consists of a lot of villages. I can’t mention every villages but I can tell you some of it. My village is Batukarang, placed near the Sinabung Mountain. Oh ya, Tanah Karo have some volcano and the most well-known volcanoes known in Tanah Karo are Gunung Sinabung and Gunung Sibayak. 
That’s just some preview about Tanah Karo.
I went to my village with my mom, my uncle, my aunty and my cousins. We’re used car, so I can capture some picture so you can see how amazing Tanah Karo is.
The land in Tanah Karo is suitable for agriculture and horticulture. And for your information the agriculture product in Medan was provided by Tanah Karo. You can see how the agriculture in Tanah Karo amazingly improving day by day. Not only agriculture, Tanah Karo also known as one of tourism place in Sumatera Utara province. You can go to Gundaling to enjoy the view of Tanah Karo from above, or you can have a horse ride in Kubu, or you can go to Lau Kawar and a lot of other interesting place.
Actually I’m out of word to explain how amazing Tanah Karo is, you should come and see Tanah Karo so you can understand how I feel about Tanah Karo. Its not because Tanah Karo is my village, but the beauty of the view, the weather, everything in Tanah Karo will make you smile and realize how great is our God, so He can create such a lovely place.
this is some picture of Tanah Karo 

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