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enjoy my life (?)

it's been a long time not write my blog,, yeah i'm busy lately,,
actually i dunno what to write, but i just want to write,, hehehehe
i dont really like today, i dunno, i just felt like i cant take it anymore - working in my office , i mean-
i just dont get the 'feel' to work in here,,
you're pushed to do something in good way, but once you did it, they still kept angry to you,
i just dont understand the way they think.
they always blame you, never satisfied with what you have done, even tough you did a good work
 oh man, i just cant resist it anymore, sometimes, oh no, not just sometimes, but any times, i wanna quick this job,, i think that i cant live like this in entire of my life,, i have my own pride, and they cant tore it apart,
but when i think more clearly, i just cant quick the job, cause, there are a lot of people out there that have no jobs, they're still unemployment.
i dunno, its a big dilemma for me,
i know, i should be grateful that i have a job, with a good salary, and i dont have to be unemployment. i should thanks Jesus cause He gave me this job, He must be has a plan for my life, and i know that He wont give me a burden that i cant endure.
but, i'm just a human, yeah, i know that wasn't an excuse,,
oh my gosh, i dunno know, i just mumbling,,
arggghhhhhhh, what should i do?
how can i enjoy my life??

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