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If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it
I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly

Some of you might be familiar with this lyric. Yes, the lyric is taken from R. Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly. What do you think about the lyric?? Do you believe you can fly?? Or do you only another pessimist??

Well, apart from the lyrics, I love this song. This song can calm and comfort me. It is beautiful song indeed. I love the way R. Kelly sang this song and he has an amazing voice. And then I search on internet to find the lyric of this song and I found it. And then, I read the lyrics and I think the meaning of this song is far beyond the song itself.

This song convinces us to believe and to gain what we believe, and as long as we believe we can achieve it. This song tells us the power of believe, faith, motivation, hope or whatever you call it.

Believe. It’s just a simple word. But it takes a lot of effort to do it. Because how can you believing in something that you don’t even know that it’s for real, you don’t even sure that you can grab it in your hand, but you have to believe that you will.

Just like the lyric of the song above if I can see it, then I can do it. Here, the meaning of if I can see it is not seeing the real thing, but seeing in our mind, we can imagine and dream it. A lot of successful people in this world begin their journey from their dreams. A couple decades ago, we thought that human cannot fly ever, human do not have wings. Only birds fly. But in fact, nowadays human fly – using airplane of course – but, still we can be in the air. And this entire thing happened because the creators of airplane believe that one day he can fly and he brought his dream in to reality. That is just one of example. Of course, you have your own experience related to this believe.

Believing or hoping to something is a must. If we do not believe that we can do something like our work, then we can’t do it. Actually, we still believing, but we believe in failure. We believe in negative point and that is what will happen to our life. FAILURE.

When I was on college, I always want to get a perfect score, and I think all of us do want the same thing. The measurement of your score is GPA for each semester. When I was on my third semester, I really desire that I can get 3,72 GPA, the reason because I want to have the same GPA like my sister. Maybe it’s not a good reason, but whatever the reason is, as long as you don’t damage others, I think it won’t be a matter. Back to this believe kind of thing. I want to have 3,72 GPA, I believe that I can get it, I can see myself having this 3,72 GPA and I work for it. The final result, just like I want, I got 3,72 GPA.
What I want try to say is, we have to believe that we can, we have to believe that we will have it and we have to put our best effort to get it. Remember! We have to work it out! Because, just by believing without any real action to grab what we believe, it is impossible to get what we want.

Some of you will say: ahh the important thing is effort, what is the use of believing, we don’t need any target to achieve, all we have to do just do our best, we will get the best for sure. Well those statements weren’t wrong at all, but if you don’t have faith about something that you really desire, and then for what you work?? For something that doesn’t exist??
You need to believe in one thing, just like my case, I want 3,72 GPA, I believe it, I try to have it and I have it. Believing makes us more focus in pursuing our desire.

Hope is also one of the most important things, to live without hope is just the same like a living human corpse. Nothing to be hoped, nothing can make us believe that we will achieve our goal. So, what do we live for??

Believe that you will achieve something, no matter what it is; it can be money, stuff, job, achievement or anything, believe that you will have it, you will grab it in your hand, imagine that you are in that condition, working hard to get it and you will have it. Supposing that you didn’t get what you want, I believe that what you get now is not far away from what you’ve been desire before, because you’ve had give your best effort to get what you want, you’ve been focus to your desire, so it won’t miss that far.

Well at least it’s better to believe or have hoped, because by doing so you will have something to hang on to.

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