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waiting is one of the most disgusting things to do. hehehehe... no defense..
i don't like to waiting..

but waiting will shape us. it will give us time to think.
by waiting you will grown up. you will appreciate something. if you always got what you want immediately without any sacrifice, any effort, any tears you won't appreciate what you've got. you will take it for granted.

but if you want something, and you have to give your best effort to take it, you have to sacrifice your time, your money, even your mind and even so, you still need to wait for that thing for a long long time -- i know this is suck -- but im sure, when finally you reach what you want the feeling is awesome, it's like a miracle.  I'm telling because I've already felt it.

do you realize when you have to push down your ego, trying to be more patient , actually this condition shapes us to be more beautiful. we have to conquer everything that block us, we can't surrender now. it's a process that we have to live with so we can be  a more perfect human.

i know, it's not easy to accept this condition --to sacrifice your time, your money, your mind, push down your ego-- but we have to! if we want to be a winner we have to endure all of that.. believe me, like i've told you before, i already done with this thing. ya i know, when i was on this painful process, i always complaining. i, even blame others, but when i finally got what i want, it feels like i can touch heaven (hehehe,, exaggerate). but it's for true, it's more satisfying when i finally get what i want after i work hard to get it rather than when i got something easily.

and finally, yeah finally my longest waiting has a very sweet result.
thanks God, to allow me doing this process, at least i can reduce my ego. thanks for allow me to be a better person. thanks for everything that you gave to me.

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